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Title: Three Lives, Three Pieces of a Soul
Pairing: Lita/Punk, Lita/Chris Jericho, Lita/Christian
Rating: R
Complete: Yes
Genre: Fluff, angst, hurt/comfort
Summary: Fate is waiting for her to find him, her true soulmate in the midst of past lives and broken hearts.
Warnings: Contains death, then life, then death, then life.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] cherrycokerocks who is a lovely, beautiful human being who deserves the best life has to offer. And, you have been a rock to me when I've needed you most, listened to my bitching in lj, twitter and on the odd occasion AIM and given me nothing but support. This is my way of saying thank you, I love you and I am here for you.

Three Lives, Three Soulmates

First Time Failure

They’re not meant to be and they know it.

There is a war coming, a Great was which could take them all and there are whisperings of the brutality of the German people, about what has been happening under Hitler’s reign.

Phil comes home a month after the U.S gets involved, and as she hands him the envelope containing the government seal she witnesses the light in his eyes go out.

“Don’t go,” she whispers into his lips, her muscles trembling as he wraps his arms around her and holds her tight.

“I don’t want to, believe me I don’t fucking want to,” Phil murmurs fiercely as he kisses her, hurrying to remove their clothing.

When her back hits the mattress and he is on top of her, inside of her she wraps her arms around him and clings like the feeling behind it will suddenly change the government’s mind and he won’t have to go.

He won’t have to fight a war, won’t have to see his men get killed.

And maybe he won’t die.

But he does, but only after he’s injured and taken to a military hospital in London, and only after she is killed in her haste to get to him, amidst the mobs which is celebrating victory.

He can’t live without her either and so he succumbs to his injuries.

Another Time

It’s the sixties and once again everyone is talking about war.

War, blood spilled and protests are breaking out because the men don’t really want to go to war, at least not the young man and it just seems another way for the rich to get richer.

Phil is a best friend to her, and there is a slight inkling of ‘I should know him’ but nothing ever comes of it.

The envelope comes for him and it’s thick, and the despair they both feel at seeing it is far too familiar and it chokes the air.

She won’t lose him again, she promises.

Phil doesn’t know what she means and yet he does with all his heart and he knows in a way she’s his soulmate but it’s as though he only owns a portion of what will be a long life done over and over again for her.

Two tickets to Canada and they find themselves in Yorkville, which is booming with music and a vibrancy neither of them have seen where they’re from.

For her home is South, but it’s always felt slightly too oppressive and just not free enough.

For him home is Chicago, but things have gone quickly sore, as the war for equality swings on and he finds himself more cynical with home on a daily basis.

In Yorkville there is a freedom, there’s talk of a bed-in for peace, talk of John and Yoko, talk of War is Over and when she meets a longhaired blonde name Chris who carries an acoustic guitar with him everywhere he goes she falls hard.

Phil watches, and smiles, feeling happy for her even though part of him is sad.

Their love burns quickly, the two of them kissing and fucking, getting married and having a child.

Phil stays in the same building as them, getting a job at a local club that plays non-mainstream music.

Their lives end far too quickly when a fire takes the building they live in, a stoner having accidently left a joint lit near a set of curtains torching it to the ground, and another man tries to save them all but doesn’t and the stories of them spread through the area, a memorial breaking out, a candlelight vigil but somehow there’s a sense of foreboding in the tragedy because maybe none of them are meant for this life either.

Third Time’s a Charm

They all meet again.

Lita with hair as bright as fire, and an attitude to boot. A certain old world knowledge hangs around her and she’s a woman who lives for experiences.

Phil, bitter and hardened by his past, an alcoholic father and a disdain for any drugs of any kind. He meets her and it’s like the soulmates are together again.

Everyone says they’re perfect together but in the end it doesn’t work. There’s too many past issues, he has too little regard for relationships and a love too big for his job but one day he’ll find someone perfect.

They remain friends of course.

Chris, Canadian, bright and witty fills up her nights with phone calls and practical jokes and encouragement. He’s crazy and zany, his kisses are warm and his hands are cold when he holds her close and kisses her whispering words of love.

It’s not a true love though. Not THE love.

They both know it and Chris is the one who lets her go just as Phil did before him but it’s still okay and they’re still friends but it evolves and their siblings, the three of them.

The two of them watch her and wait, wait for her to get it right, for fate to make things right for all of them and when it finally does they’re all surprised.

Jay, just as bright as Chris and as he teases Chris more Canadian.

He’d once died in Phil’s arms in battle, blood sliding from his lips and shudders wracking his form.

He’d once died trying to save three adults and a child from a burning building.

His eyes are dark and when he looks at her Lita realizes that it was him she was waiting for all along, that she and Phil, that she and Chris were never meant to be but were stepping-stones on a path to him.

He holds her, in the dark of the night with light filtering in the window from a nearby streetlight when she dreams of suffocation, of the feeling of being trampled and the panic of Phil getting hurt in any way.

She wakes him and kisses away the feeling of fire licking at his skin, at the feeling of desperation and a need to save people who are connected to him in a way he’ll never really understand, in a way they’ll never understand.

He asks her to marry him and for a moment, a split second she almost refuses, wanting to cite that marriage never worked out for her before but then remembers she’s never been married and says yes.

The two of them get married in a garden, and Chris and Phil serve as groomsmen as her own mother gives her away for the last time.

Chris plays the reception with his band, Phil hopping on stage a few times to help out with a remembered ease and even she picks up the mic a time or too.

As she dances in his arms later she looks into his eyes and smiles so radiantly those around her can’t help but smile too.

She has found him, and together they will have forever. A life time of it, with not even fate daring to cut their time short.

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