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Title: Bereavement
Author: [livejournal.com profile] awritinglilypea & [livejournal.com profile] jovi_diva
Pairing/Characters: Former Ted/Punk, Colt, Ted.
Rating: PG
Complete: No.
Genre: Angst. Hurt/Comfort.
Summary: It's been a hard time for two people left behind when Punk passed on, with Colt pulling away from Ted and life, and Ted pushing forward.
Warnings: Contains talk of former character death. Also angst.

This is the sequel to Accomplishment which can be found Here! (Last chapter, but links to previous chapters provided) Do NOT read this without reading that.

Scott Colton, better known to the IWC as Colt Cabana knelt next to his best friend's grave, his fingers running through the soil that lay there as his muscles trembled lightly. He was being stupid and he knew it.

Punk had been his best friend, till the very end of his life, always supporting him and always kicking his ass when he needed it. It was selfish of him to be suffering like this, especially when Ted had managed so well even without Punk, seeming to be at peace because he knew his lover was and championing a heart health foundation and providing public awareness about what could happen to athletes.

Colt couldn't remember the last time that he had seen Ted. It had been a while now, and he knew he was being an asshole, ignoring Ted’s phone calls and wallowing in a life that wasn't turning out the way he wanted it to.

Tears slipped down his cheeks and he swallowed heavily, "I miss you man," he murmured softly. "More than ever."

He nibbled on his bottom lip, standing slowly he dusted the knees of his jeans off and walked slowly away from the grave site, turning on the radio once he was in the car.

"I need you Punk, you stubborn shit."

He pulled away, making his way to the arena where his next match was supposed to be taking place and climbed slowly out of the truck going in he ignored everyone as they tried to talk to him.

Ted DiBiase, Jr. checked his watch and grumbled softly as he sat on the bench in what he'd been told was Colt's locker room waiting for the man to appear. Colt was late, not shocking, and Ted would wait as long as he had to.

He was sick and tired of being ignored so he felt a face-to-face confrontation was for the best. He knew Colt missed Punk but was Colt so dumb to think he didn't? Didn't he realize Ted still needed him? Colt was the only other person Punk was close to and at least they could remember him together, if nothing else.

They needed each other and if Colt couldn't realize that on his own, Ted was going to make him realize it.

Colt walked into his locker room, sighing softly when he saw Ted there.

"Great," he muttered to himself, shaking his head he walked to his locker and dropped his bag in front of it and tugged his shirt over his head. "Look, whatever you have to say, I need to get ready for my match. I'm going out cold as it is because I'm too late to stretch."

Ted took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He'd never been the type to easily lose his temper, but that was changing when it came to Colt.

"Nice greeting,” He shook his head as he stood to his feet and approached the other man, "This could have been easily avoided if you had just accepted one of my calls."

"Yeah well," Colt shrugged his shoulders before dropping his pants and beginning to pull on his tights, his upper body riddled with scars from too many rough matches. He didn't have time for this, yet every ounce of him was relieved to see Ted.

"I just need to know how you're doing and why the hell you're avoiding me,” Ted stated softly, nibbling his bottom lip and trying not to become overly emotional.

"I just need some time to focus on my life, I know it's harsh but you got to be with...no fucking hell I cannot do this right now," Colt shook his head, running his fingers through his hair he pulled the straps up on his singlet and tugged his boots on.

"When then? When can we talk?" Ted asked, his anger and hurt stirring, "I miss him too you know and you...you're my only tie to him." He gestured toward Colt feeling completely exasperated.

"Teddy, don't..." Colt responded, sighing softly and shaking his head. "Don't do this right now," he told him. "We can talk later but if I go out there all revved up because of this I'll end up getting hurt."
"You're right,” Ted nodded, rubbing his hand over his mouth and turning away from Colt, "You're right,” He stated turning back. "But we will talk, Scott." He vowed, "I'll be waiting right here when you're done and we will talk."

"Okay, you do that," Colt grabbed his wrist tape, putting his headband on he began wrapping his wrists and headed out of the locker room, practically craving a beer.

Ted practically screamed with frustration as he turned and walked back to the cement wall pressing his fists against it. He absolutely hated feeling this way and just couldn't understand why Colt was being like this. He felt like he had lost both Colt and Punk and losing Punk had been enough. Ted just couldn't deal with losing Scott too and he had to make Scott see that, somehow.

Colt wrestled his match as hard as he could, just like he did every match almost as though he was trying to impress someone who wasn't there. He won, but was still bloodied and in no better of a mood than he had been before the match.

"Alright," he announced, walking into the locker room. "What do you want to talk about?" he grabbed a towel, pushing it against his nose.

"Shouldn't you see a medic?" Ted asked moving quickly to Colt's side and pulling the towel away to survey the damage done as his other hand attempted to pull Colt by the arm to the bench to sit.

Colt shook his head, sliding his arm out of Ted's he pressed the towel back to his face. "What do you want to know?" he asked, sounding defeated as he said the words.

"I want to know why the hell you're avoiding me!" Ted exclaimed, swallowing hard and staying close to Colt while trying hard not to strangle him.

"I'm not avoiding you, well not just you, I'm avoiding everyone," Colt responded, standing up he moved to the sinks, wetting the towel with the coldest water the tap would give and pressing it back to his face. "I just don't want to be around people right now."

"I see,” Ted nodded, "And how's that workin' out for ya?" He asked, grabbing a washcloth getting it wet and dabbing at the other places he saw blood with care.

Colt shrugged his shoulders; laughing softly he knocked Ted's hands away. "Stop fussing over me," he smiled somewhat moving to his locker and pulling out his towel. "I'll be out in a minute." He headed for the showers, closing the door to the shower room behind him.

"I can see stubborn asses stick together,” He mumbled to himself, tossing the wash cloth into a hamper by the door before taking a seat beside the locker where he'd be impossible to avoid.

Colt walked out of the shower looking more refreshed, although most of the blood had ebbed and he was definitely looking at two black eyes and possibly a broken nose.

He wiped himself off with a towel, pulling on his boxers first and then a t-shirt before tugging on a pair of jeans.

"Listen,” Ted began, looking down at the floor and sighing softly, "I don't care if you avoid everyone else on the planet, but please stop avoiding me. Losing Punk was bad enough."

Colt shook his head, "I'll consider it Teddy." He ran his fingers through his hair; tossing his clothing into a laundry bag he shoved it into his gym bag. "Let's go, you can come to my place for dinner."

"I suppose that's a step in the right direction,” Ted smiled and stood, rubbing his hands down the front of his jeans and straightening his t-shirt that bore the design of the CM Punk Foundation.

"Please tell me you're not cooking,” He laughed, patting Colt's back as the two walked out.

"I know how to cook, shut the fuck up," Colt responded, glaring at him playfully as they approached his truck he climbed into the driver's seat. "Meet me at my place in half an hour," he called.

"Sure you'll be there?" Ted asked with a smirk as he walked toward his own truck jabbing the unlock button his key chain, "Because I will break in and I will wait until you show if not."

"You break it, you fucking buy it," Colt pulled out of the parking spot and spinning around in order to be able to get out of the parking lot. He arrived at his apartment pretty quickly, going up in the elevator he dumped all the dirty clothing into the laundry hamper and opened the windows to get rid of the smell of skunked beer, dumping the liquid down the sink and emptying the many ashtrays.

Ted drove around town for a little while giving Colt the time he needed to clean up. He knew that was why the other man requested an hour. He felt way better than he did when he'd woken up that morning. At least he'd talked his friend into dinner and that was a start. The truth was, he missed Colt. He missed seeing his face and hearing his laughter. It would be very refreshing to spend some quality time with him.

He stopped at the liquor store and picked up a six-pack of Colt's favorite beer and headed off to his apartment, riding the elevator up, knocking on the door and waiting.

Colt opened the door, a cigarette dangling from his lips he gestured for him to come in, cupping his hand around the lighter and inhaling in order to light it then giving up and tossing it in the ashtray. "I ordered Chinese food," he murmured, shuffling into the living room.

"I thought you were going to cook,” Ted lightly teased him as he stepped into the apartment, coughing a bit as smoke hit him in the face. "I brought a gift to prove I come in peace." He handed Colt the beer, "I'm sure you have some cold ones though, right?"

"Sorry about the smoke, had a friend staying with me for a couple days. Personally I only do it when I'm stressed," Colt responded, cursing Ace for coming to check up on him in the first place. He took the beer, the thought of drinking more than he had been making his stomach twist a little bit. "Not before I've eaten," he stowed it in the fridge. "I opened the windows to make the smell go away."

"It's really not all that bad,” Ted lied, waving his hand in front of his face to clear away the smoke Colt was creating. "I used to drink when I was stressed. I've really been wanting a beer." He admitted.

Colt put out the cigarette, "Punk wouldn't want you to start drinking again. I know he thought it was amazing you gave it up, not that you're an alcoholic or anything."

"I know,” Ted nodded slowly, "It's just that...It was easier not to drink when he was...." He shook his head not wanting to pour his heart and weep over Punk any more than he all ready had. He wanted to move on with his life just like Punk wanted him to. "It'll pass. I know it will."

Ted took a seat on the couch, folding one leg up beneath him and making himself at home.

"You're lucky, and I know I sound like an asshole when I say that," Colt told him once he'd buzzed up the delivery guy and waited by the door for him to reach it. "You got to say goodbye."

He sounded bitter, and hated it. He also hated that he was jealous of Ted for that, it was a horrible thing to do.

"I'm sure I would feel the same way if I were you,” Ted replied not the least bit surprised to hear the words.

He stood, feeling suddenly uncomfortable as his eyes began to mist with tears and he recalled the day his lover died in his arms. He walked through the apartment to the bathroom, washed his face and tried to pull himself together.

Ted was here to move on, not to relive that day. Punk had been gone for seven months and Ted had to live up to the promise he made to him about moving on with his life and finding someone else. He couldn't help that it had brought him to Colt.

Colt grabbed the food dropping it on the coffee table he looked at the picture of he and Punk he kept on his mantle and tried to figure out how he was supposed to feel about this all. It had been a while and he still didn't know how to deal with the loss of his best friend, without Punk to watch over him and rein him in when he needed it he felt like he was out of control.

Punk would be proud of Ted, and pretty disappointed in him.

He swore to himself and grabbed some plates, practically dropping them on the coffee table.

"I'm starving,” Ted stated, feeling refreshed from his brief trip to the bathroom, "Smells good and it's covering that lovely smoky scent,” He teased Colt slightly nudging his shoulder with his own. "I hope you ordered something good." He sat down on the couch rubbing his hands together in anticipation of the meal.

"Yeah, half the menu," Colt responded, pulling out various dishes, including beef broccoli and pepper steak. He put some rice on his plate, along with sweet and sour chicken balls, and the other two items, making sure to grab an egg roll. "Dig in."

"You don't have to tell me twice,” Ted loaded up his plate and began to eat, his mouth watering at the smells of it all. "I'm afraid I'm gonna turn into Chinese food,” he joked, "Seems like it's all I eat any more, but I still love it."

"I know the feeling; Chinese is a switch for me. It's been all about pizza lately," Colt responded, taking a bite with a soft sigh. "This is good," he said softly.

"Mmhmmm," Ted nodded, his mouth full, "But I would never advise someone to keep a diet like this, as a trainer," He chuckled softly, wiping his mouth with a napkin and feeling normal for the first time in a long time.

"Nice job on the win tonight." He commented, "You've been pulling in a lot of wins lately. It's good to see."

Colt shrugged his shoulders; "I'm guessing that someone finally thought I deserved it after busting my ass for years." He took another bite of his food, "I've got a tour in Japan coming up, but I don't know that I'll go as much as I love it there."

"You definitely deserved it and I heard about the Japan thing, it's why I decided to come on over. I wanted to make sure we could spend some time together if you decided to go." Ted took a few more bites humming softly as he enjoyed the tastes swirling in his mouth.

"I was hoping you would decide to stay. I could really use some help on some up coming events for the foundation." He studied Colt for his reaction.

Colt stopped eating and looked at Ted. "I don't think I should," he said softly. "You don't need me attached to that. That foundation is about you and him, not me."

He felt awkward about the foundation, because it wasn't something he usually did, no matter who it was for and even though Punk had been fully out and with Ted when he died it still felt so open compared to what his friend had been about.

"It's as much about you as it is any other athlete,” Ted argued casually, seeing the pain in Colt's eyes tearing him apart on the inside. "You're an athlete and you're prone to injury." He reasoned hoping it would be enough of a reason to convince Colt to be a part of it all, but knowing it would be harder than that to convince him.

"Look I get regular check ups, I wouldn't be in the ring if I wasn't able," Colt responded, shaking his head he ran his fingers through his hair again. "I might consider it."

"I'm not arguing that point, but I know just as well as you do you put your health on the line every time you get in the ring. It's part of the job." Ted stated, "I'm proud of what you do and you're doing something Punk loved to do as well." He sighed softly having stopped eating to contemplate his next words, "All I'm asking is for you to think about it." He shrugged and went back to eating.

"I will think about it, but I make no promises," Colt told him, nibbling on his bottom lip.

"That's fine. Just remember, it probably wouldn't hurt your career any. It will give you more exposure." Ted grinned and shoved another large bite of food into his mouth feeling rather certain that he had given a convincing performance.

Colt nodded, shrugging his shoulders. "Maybe I don't want to be exposed," he muttered.

Ted really didn't know how to respond to that statement, but it made him sad.

"I think you are as exposed as a person can get,” He laughed softly to mask his sadness, "You wrestle in front of thousands of people each week,” Ted teased him a bit, elbowing him and trying to get him to look him in the eye.

Colt put some more food on his plate eating it slowly he considered Ted's words, laughing bitterly. "Thousands? Try hundreds if I'm lucky." He shifted on the couch to get comfortable.

"Oh please!" Ted rebutted, "Don't get down on yourself. People love you." He wiped his mouth with a napkin and stood to take his finished plate into the kitchen. "You're really doing a good job." He stated loudly, rinsing his plate and putting it and his fork into the dishwasher before returning to the living room and plopping down on the couch with a sigh.

"Let's talk about something else." Ted stated, "Seeing anyone?" He asked with a grin, cocking his head to the side and eager to catch up with his friend.

Colt shook his head, "You missed the part where I'm avoiding the world didn't you?"

"A man has certain needs,” Ted teased, grinning coyly.

Colt shook his head once again, "I haven't had sex in about eight years," he responded, wondering how Ted had never heard about that in the first place.

"Whoa, whoa whoa!" Ted held out his hand, "That just might be too much information...eight years?" He cocked his head in disbelief as he did some math quickly in his head. "That's about 2900 days without...sex."

"Yeah, something like that," Colt responded, shrugging his shoulders.

"And I thought I was pathetic!" Ted chuckled, shaking his head. "You are pathetic, my friend. We need to get you back out there." He grinned, shaking Colt's knee with a firm grip.

"Wow thanks, that really boosts my ego," Colt responded, finishing his dinner.

"Don't worry, we can be pathetic together,” Ted smiled softly and bit his lower lip.

Colt stood up; putting his plate in the dishwasher he turned it on and began gathering the leftovers. "Sure," he pulled out a beer.

"Got any Pepsi in there?" Ted asked having drunk water with his meal.

Colt nodded, pulling out a Pepsi he crossed the room and sat down, resting his feet on the coffee table now that the food was cleared away. "Wanna watch a movie or something?"

"Thank you,” Ted took the can and popped it open taking a good swallow and sighing softly at the taste. "Sure,” He nodded deciding not to press his friend for more conversation at this point. He wanted to help him grieve and pushing wasn't the way to do that. "Anything you want."

"You pick, the DVDs are there," Colt rested his head back on the back of the couch and sighing softly.

Ted went down to his knees in front of the DVDs and looked over his shoulder at Colt with an evil grin, "You own Fried Green Tomatoes?" He tossed his head back in a hearty belly laugh.

Colt nodded, "I got it for my birthday one year."

"Who the hell would buy you that movie?" He asked, still laughing softly but trying to pull himself together to pick a movie.

"Two guesses," Colt responded softly, smiling somewhat.

"The man was so wrong,” Ted shook his head, still smiling as he fingered the DVD reflectively as if it were a part of Punk he'd left behind specifically for this day to make them both smile and remember him.

Ted pulled out the four DVD set of Lethal Weapon and extracted the first one loading it into the player and taking a seat beside Colt on the couch after toeing off his shoes. "These are some of my favorites. We can have a marathon."

"Sounds good to me," Colt responded, "And to think, hundreds of women who fawned over Mel Gibson's ass later regretted it when he became all anti-Semitic."

"I have a feeling if we knew half of what these people did in their private lives, we'd hate them all. Regardless, the man does have a fantastic ass,” Ted grinned and sipped his drink before placing it back on the table.

"Hit play." He ordered resisting the urge to snuggle against Colt as he would probably do with Cody. He thought it would freak Colt out, to say the least.

Colt pressed play, stretching out just the slightest bit. "I love this movie," he commented.

"This one and four are my favorites, but I love all four,” Ted agreed happy to see Colt relaxing a little. "The scar competition in three is my favorite scene though,” He laughed softly.

"I love those two the most as well," Colt agreed, "This one is harder I think, which I like."

"Definitely,” Ted nodded going quiet as the movie finally began to play.

Colt went quiet as well, as they watched the opening scene his eyes fastened on the screen, it wasn't long into the movie his eyelids began drooping and his breathing deepened as he drifted off to sleep with a soft sigh.

They weren't too far into the movie when Ted turned to Colt to comment on the scene where Murtaugh gets taken to his back by Riggs after thinking he's a perp when he's actually his new partner only to find him fast asleep.

Colt shifted on the couch, slouching down his shirt rode up slightly and he murmured something to himself, frowning.

Ted smiled and shifted closer to Colt without a second thought resting his head against his chest and tugging his shirt gently back down as Ted stretched the rest of his body out on the couch. He laid his arm across Colt's stomach and closed his eyes drifting off into the most peaceful sleep he'd had in at least a year.

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