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Title: Hopeful Romantics
Pairing: Punk/Lita
Rating: PG
Complete: Yes
Genre: Fluff, romance
Prompt: 19. Sunset for 500 words or less
Summary: Lita tricks Punk into an awkward situation.
Warnings: None.

Part Eight of Drunk, then Dating

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Punk told her, shaking his head in amusement he wrapped his arms around her. “It’s cheesy isn’t it?”

“Might be,” Lita responded, “but Trish told me about it and she said it wasn’t to be missed so I want to see it, it’s an experience babe, deal with it,” she nudged him lightly and let out a soft laugh.

Punk nuzzled her neck, grinning as he did so he just couldn’t help himself; there was something about her that still amused him so. “I thought you weren’t a hopeless romantic,” he teased, murmuring the words into her ear as she leaned back against his chest.

“I’m not,” Lita replied, squeezing one of his hands once she’d captured it, knowing both of them would deny this moment if asked about it until the day they died.

“What are you then?” Punk asked her, squeezing back gently.

“A hopeful romantic,” Lita told him with a soft laugh as the sun dipped below the clouds and a smile spread across her face.

“That is pretty cool,” Punk commented after a few moments of silence on his part. “The sunset I mean.”

“Of course,” Lita said in a sly tone of voice, turning to look at him.

Punk kissed her softly on the lips, calloused fingers sliding along her jawline and up into her hair as she deepened the kiss.

Lita moaned softly, laying back with him on the blanket, one hand pressed to the ground beneath his shoulder, the blanket a little scratchy underhand.

“I think you look pretty good in the dim light of a sunset,” Punk told her gruffly a moment later.

Unable to help herself Lita laughed, kissing him quickly once again. “You sound so uncomfortable, we’ve been dating for months, you should know by now I don’t need pretty words, especially when they come out sounding so choked.”

“Oh? No pretty words at all?” Punk joked.

“Well you could tell me I’m beautiful,” Lita told him with a small smile.

“You are,” Punk confirmed, kissing her just once, quickly.

“And gorgeous.”

“Uh huh,” Punk nodded, giving her another kiss.

“And sexy,” Lita continued, enjoying their little game.

“Oh definitely sexy,” Punk grinned wickedly, wiggling his eyebrows.

“And that you’ll come home with me this weekend to have dinner with my family,” Lita wheedled.

Punk groaned, dropping his head back on the blanket. “How’d I know that was coming? I saw it, I knew there was a trap but there was no survival instinct in me to avoid it.”

“Please,” Lita requested, as he had been avoiding it for so long she was concerned he wasn’t as serious as she was.

“Your mother will not like me,” Punk told her.

“She already likes you,” Lita insisted.

“So you say, but wait till she pulls out the bat and tries breaking kneecaps,” Punk joked.

“She would never,” Lita pretended to be offended.


“Water torture however. She’s into that.”

“Oh nice.”

“So you’ll come?”


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