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Title: Mutant Life
Characters/Pairing: Lita, Jeff Hardy, Trish Stratus
Completed: Nope.
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for Kori.
Warnings: Contains character mutation, and some swearing.
Summary: Trish's naivete and her penchant for appearing suddenly in certain rooms during certain times has become a problem, and it's up to Lita to solve it. Also, a guest comes to visit.

Inspired somewhat by Being Human, the BBC version.

Previous Chapters

Living with a ghost was definitely taking some time to adjust to, Lita thought to herself as she sat on the floor of her, Jeff’s and Trish’s living room. For one, there was the complete lack of privacy.

Presumably Trish had forgotten all sense of decency when she died, as she found no trouble in appearing suddenly in the bedroom when Lita or Jeff were changing, or in the bathroom when they were showering or worse, getting out of the shower.

While Jeff didn’t mind, and even seemed to find the practice rather hilarious Lita was finding she just didn’t like it and was trying to figure out how to broach the subject without angering the true owner of their apartment.

“Everything okay?” Trish asked appearing beside her so suddenly that Lita almost upended her coffee.

Lita sighed softly, dragging her fingers through her hair. “Trish, we need to talk.”

“Oh,” Trish replied in such a downtrodden tone Lita was tempted to call the whole talk off right then and there. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Not wrong per se,” Lita responded, trying to be gentle with the other ghost…person…woman. “How long has it been since you died?”

“Two years,” Trish answered, nibbling on her bottom lip.

Lita nodded, feeling suddenly sorrowful for her. “I’m sorry,” she touched Trish’s shoulder very gently; feeling her palm was being prickled with ice. “Here’s the thing, I know not many people have lived here since then.”

“They said they felt unwelcome,” Trish murmured. “I didn’t mean to make them feel unwelcome.”

“I know you didn’t,” Lita soothed, “but my point is,” she tried to get the conversation back on track, “you’re not used to living with people anymore are you?”

Trish shook her head and then her eyes widened, “this is about my popping in and out isn’t it? Look I’m really sorry about that, I didn’t mean to pop in while you were in the shower, or Jeff, and when I heard the buzzing coming from your room last week I thought you were using an electric razor.”

Lita blushed to the roots of her hair. She had pushed that particular incident aside, wanting to forget it. “It’s okay, it is. It’s just this, people don’t really like being barged in on during what should be private moments. They don’t like being seen naked by other people.”

“Jeff doesn’t mind,” Trish pointed out.
Unable to stop herself Lita nodded, wondering if naiveté came with death or it was something Trish had always possessed, but judging by her clothing she was guessing it was the former.

“Jeff…is different,” she laughed softly. “He would parade around naked if we let him.”

“He does seem the type,” Trish commented lightly. “So you don’t want me popping in everywhere anymore?”

Lita smiled, glad the conversation was going so well. “You can pop in here if you want, or the study, or the kitchen, just maybe not while I’m cooking, and the bedrooms if we’re not in them. Same with the bathroom.”

“So just pay attention to where you are and what you’re doing,” Trish nodded, smiling at her. “I’m glad you’re not angry.”

“No, not angry, just embarrassed,” Lita responded, “not many people see me like…that.”

Trish laughed softly, shrugging her shoulders. “It’s fine you know, I won’t say a word, especially to Jeff.”

“Thanks,” Lita told her.

“What are friends for?” Trish asked her, much to Lita’s chagrin. She’s never really had many female friends, much less one that was a ghost.

“That I guess,” Lita answered with a small smile.

“Do you mind if I invite a friend over?” Trish asked her.

Lita blinked for a moment trying to figure out how to answer that. Jeff had brought some guys over to study earlier in the week, but Trish was…not alive. She took a deep breath and decided right then and there she would treat the other woman just like she would any other human being.

There was just one question though.

“You can use the phone?” she asked Trish, eyebrows raised in surprise.

Trish nodded her head, “yep, sure can. I can always communicate through televisions and radios.”

“Televisions,” Lita said slowly as Trish nodded again, “and radios? But how?”

“I don’t know, it’s just something I do, I wish I’d learned it before my mom left town though,” Trish said sadly.

Lita touched her shoulder again carefully, hoping to comfort her in some way. “You wanted to let her know you’re okay?”

Trish nodded her head, sighing. “She was devastated.”
“Have you tried writing?” Lita asked her, “I mean you’re solid, you can even build things, you would always try writing a letter.”

“That is an excellent idea,” Trish got up quickly, “thank you so much Lita,” she leaned down to hug her and was gone in an instant.

Lita shook her head, wondering at the bizarre nature of her life as she floated a pen that had rolled away back to herself and went back to her homework.

Sometimes she just had to roll with the punches she disposed, and it wasn’t like she was going to exercise one of her roommate’s just because the person…ghost…woman…in question didn’t really know privacy, and was quite naïve about certain things.

That just wasn’t done. It was no reason to get rid of Trish, besides she kind of liked having another girl around, even if said girl wasn’t actually alive, and seemed to have a bit of a crush on Jeff despite not knowing how to deal with it. Plus, a ghost with those skill sets? An asset more than a liability in her books.

And if Trish wanted to have a guest over that was fine too, her ghost friends or whatever. Whoever she might happen to be involved with.

Getting into her homework Lita brushed the topic aside, lost in her work and forgetting all about Trish and her friend who might be coming over until there was a knock on the door.

And a vampire walked in.

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