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Title: Bereavement
Author: [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] & [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]
Pairing/Characters: Former Ted/Punk, Colt, Ted.
Rating: PG
Complete: No.
Genre: Angst. Hurt/Comfort.
Summary: It's been a hard time for two people left behind when Punk passed on, with Colt pulling away from Ted and life, and Ted pushing forward.
Warnings: Contains talk of former character death. Also angst.

This is the sequel to Accomplishment which can be found Here! (Last chapter, but links to previous chapters provided) Do NOT read this without reading that.

Chapter one

Colt sighed happily, not waking up until well into the next morning he groaned softly as he shifted around and stretched.

Ted grumbled softly, yawning and rubbing his eyes. His head was completely in Colt's lap but he hadn't seemed to notice that fact.

"Holy fuck," Colt muttered, sighing softly he ran his fingers through Ted's hair for a moment and then gently shook his shoulder trying to get him up.

"Hm...what is it?" Ted mumbled quietly pushing his head into Colt's touch and snuggling further into him.

"Teddy wake up," Colt told him, "If we're going to sleep we should at least do so in my bed."

Ted slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Colt with a nod, his blue eyes shimmering in the partial darkness of the room showing a desire for more of the comfort he'd felt over the past several hours.


"You've got to get up then," Colt responded, yawning softly he stretched his arms above his head, glad the door was locked as he still didn't live in the safest area of the city.

"Okay," Ted growled somewhat playfully and finally managed to sit up, stretching and still growling as he did so before standing and shuffling off into the bathroom to relieve himself.

Colt managed to make his way into the bedroom, stripping his jeans off so he was in his boxer shorts he flopped down onto it on his stomach and smiled at the feeling of sunshine and breezes coming through the window.

Ted slid his t-shirt off and tossed it over a chair in the bedroom adding his jeans on top of it as he stripped to his boxers and crawled lazily beneath the sheets of the bed, thankful to find them very clean smelling and warm.

He rolled onto his side and looked at Colt just studying him carefully, a smirk on his lips, "You make a good pillow."

"Hmmm good to know," Colt murmured, his eyes half open as he neared the edge of sleep once again.

Ted slowly shimmied closer to Colt, tossing his arm around him and wishing he'd taken the hint and rolled back over to provide him with the same pillow as before, but he'd settle for just being close to him.

It didn't take too long for Ted to drift back to sleep, yawning one last time as he succumbed.

Colt rolled onto his back, the sheet sliding down his torso he yawned and pulled Ted close, cupping one hand around his neck in order to do so.

Ted mumbled happily as he buried his face in Colt's chest, pressing the rest of his body to him as well and feeling alive with the warmth the two of them created.

Colt stayed asleep until noon, his aching and tired body needing the rest and taking comfort in Ted.

When Ted woke and glanced at his watch he just couldn't believe it was noon.

"I can't believe it's noon," He stated softly still unwilling to leave the warm pillow that was Colt's chest. His fingers danced lightly across Colt's skin in admiration.

Colt laughed softly squirming he opened his eyes slowly and yawned, stretching his arms over his head he sighed happily. "I can, I love sleeping in until noon."

"I rarely, if ever, sleep in until noon," Ted told him laughing in return, "But that was the best night's rest have had in a year, for sure. Thank you," He murmured the sentiment and shifted just a bit, but still clung to the other man.

"No problem," Colt responded, sighing softly he closed his eyes. "I'm fuckin' hungry."

"Me too," Ted yawned and stretched a bit as he rolled off of Colt, but held his gaze.

"Breakfast or lunch?"

"Lunch," Colt responded, looking at him and sighing softly. "You keep looking at me like that."

"Like what?" Ted asked innocently unsure himself exactly how he was feeling because it felt both right and wrong to have feeling for Colt and he could almost guarantee how Colt would feel about it.

"I don't know," Colt responded, shaking his head he pushed himself up and rolled off the bed landing on his feet. "I just don't know."

"I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. Am I making you feel uncomfortable?" Ted asked as he moved across to the side of the bed Colt was standing on and dangled his legs over the edge.

Colt shook his head in denial, "No...Maybe." He dragged his fingers through his hair, not even bothering to pull on more clothing. "Do you want some breakfast or lunch?"

"I..." Ted was just about to apologize, but he thought better of it because he wasn't sorry. There was nothing wrong with wanting familiarity and there was nothing wrong with the fact that he was attracted to Colt.

"Lunch." He ran his fingertips gently down Colt's calf, unable to stop himself from showing the man the affection that was so built up in him he felt like he could explode.

"T-Ted," Colt shook his head, sighing softly. "Chinese food warmed up?"

Ted stood to his feet and the two men were basically evenly matched in height, Colt maybe the slightest bit shorter. He stood so close his warm breath fell across Colt's shoulder as he remained at his side unmoving waiting for some sort of reaction.

"Sounds fine," He stated softly, swallowing hard.

Colt closed his eyes, "This isn't right. What I'm feeling isn't right, maybe you should just go home. We can talk some other time." He stepped back, grunting when his back hit the dresser.

"Scott, please don't ask me to go," Ted pleaded quietly knowing he would have a complete and total break down if he left just now. "Tell me how you're feeling, explain to me how it isn't right," He urged him closing the distance between them once again as he fought to look into Colt's eyes.

Colt kissed him on the lips without thinking, the warmth of his mouth intoxicating. He gripped Ted's shoulder, his knuckles white even though he wasn't holding him too hard.

Ted returned the kiss and his whole body tingled to life as he enjoyed Colt's taste with a groan pressing his tongue into the other man's mouth and slipping his arms around him to pull him as close as he could to his own trembling form.

Colt shook his head, pulling back he closed his eyes, feeling horrible as he remembered seeing Punk kiss Ted, and the look of love on his best friend's face.

"There's nothing wrong with this," Ted stated softly, "He wanted me...us...he wanted us both to move on."

"I c-can't," Colt responded, shaking his head he rubbed his eyes. "Not right now. I can't do this now."

Ted remained silent as he inched closer once again and clamped his hand around the back of Colt's neck, pressing his forehead to Colt's as well avoiding eye contact and just being there for him to lean on.

Colt leaned into him, trembling slightly. "I c-can't." He didn't know what to say, panic rising in him.

"Just let it go Scott," Ted whispered, his deep voice soft and soothing as he held the other man and caressed his neck with his thumb.

Colt shook his head, "N-No I'm not ready. I c-can't, not yet." He pushed Ted away slightly and swiped his hand across his eyes, every muscle in his body tensed.

Ted took a step back, feeling defeated but still hopeful.

"I'll go...warm us up some lunch," He didn't bother to put on his jeans but he did steal a t-shirt from one of Colt's drawers before leaving the bedroom for the kitchen to do just as he had said.

Colt sat down on the bed, rubbing his face with his hands he tried to calm down and sighed.

Ted dished up two plates of food warming them carefully as he silently cursed himself for moving to fast. He then argued with himself that this wasn't too fast because Punk wanted both of them to move on. Ted couldn't completely move on until he knew there was no possibility that something could happen between he and Colt.

Scott was all he could think about lately and he didn't know exactly what it meant, but he had to find out. He wanted Scott in his life and that was the bottom line. Just how much he would be in his life was another thing entirely.

The microwave sounded pulling him back to reality and he pulled out the plates and carried them to the small dining table before returning to the bedroom to let Colt know the food was ready.

"It's all warmed up," He spoke softly, eying Colt carefully from the door of the room.

Colt nodded his head, rubbing the back of his neck he tilted his head from side to side and then stood up pulling on a pair of jeans he headed for the kitchen, sliding past Ted in order to do so.

Ted reached out and gently grazed Colt's stomach as he walked by unable to resist the touch he desired so. He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer hoping Colt would open up to him eventually and then went over and slid his jeans back on before joinging Colt at the table and digging in to eat.

"It amazes me how good this food tastes the day after," Ted commented, hoping to lighten the mood.

"It's all the MSG, preserves it or something," Colt responded, eating some of the rice he tried to remember the last time he'd actually sat at the table and then remembered it was a relatively new table.

He'd broken the last one the week after Punk died.

"Yep, good ol' MSG," Ted joked taking another bite.

"Do you have anything you need to do today?" He asked curiously.

Colt swallowed his food, shrugging his shoulders he tried to figure that out for himself. Did he have something to do? He didn't really want to have to do anything but didn't know if he could spend the entire day around Ted without wanting to burst into tears.

"Laundry," he said, realizing he hadn't done his in a few days.

"I can help," Ted offered, "I'd like to hang out," He kept shooting Colt casual glances hoping to read what exactly he was thinking.

Colt sighed softly, "And if I say no?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

Ted thought on it for a moment as he swallowed the bite of food he'd just taken, "Then I'll go," He shrugged softly.

Colt nodded his head, "You will go if I ask you to?" He wanted to know, wanted to see what the boundaries were. "You're not going to push? Or show up at my doorstep if I don't call you for a couple days?"

Ted nodded softly as he bit his lower lip and tried to hold back his emotions. He couldn't explain exactly what he was feeling. He just felt so much more peaceful with Colt; like he was at home.

"Yes," He finally spoke the slightly choked out word, "I promise." Ted finally managed to look Colt in the eye when spoke the last words.

Colt nodded his head, "Good, cause you're gonna help me do my laundry today and after that mess you might not want to talk to me for a few days." He laughed softly, eating some more of the food.

Ted shook his head and narrowed his eyes, "Are we even going to be able to find the washer and dryer?" He asked as he returned to his food feeling quite a bit better that he wouldnt be going back home just yet.

"Maybe, maybe not," Colt responded, leaning back in his chair once he was finished his food he rubbed his stomach and closed his eyes momentarily as he yawned.

"I know you can't still be sleepy," Ted chuckled, rising to rinse their plates, but leaving them in the sink for now as the dishwasher needed to be unloaded. "If we're doing hard labor today, I'm going to need some shorts. I know you can't resist me in my boxers," He joked as he tossed the emplty containers in the overly full trash can and pulled the bag out to tie it up.

"Oh yeah, I want you," Colt said dryly, although there was truth to the words. "There's some clean shorts in the closet."

"I know I'm sexy," Ted grinned walking to the door and setting the bag of trash just outside it to be carried down later. He had to resist what he really wanted as well. He would have been content if they crawled into bed and Colt just held him all day...and a few other things, of course. He was a man after all.

Colt rolled his eyes, laughing softly to himself as he did so he couldn't deny it did feel good to be around Ted.

"Roll your eyes all you want," Ted called out to him from the bedroom closet as he found a pair of athletic shorts and changed into them deciding to wash his jeans and boxers, "I know you're thinking of that kiss right now." He was just teasing him but Ted couldn't get the kiss out of his head either.

"Sure I am," Colt responded sarcastically but couldn't deny that he was thinking of the kiss. "Bring out one of those laundry baskets."

"Stubborn and bossy," He muttered to himself, "What is it with me and stubborn, bossy men?" He shook his head and picked up a basket carrying it into the living room.

Colt grabbed it from him, sitting down on the floor he emptied it and began sorting the clothing. "Atta boy," he laughed softly.

"I am not a dog and I will kick your ass. I'm pretty damn sure I can take you," Ted grinned and turned to go grab another basket.

Colt laughed, "That's a nice thought."

"Oh really? Well you had your chance," Ted told him as he returned with an even larger basket and sat down to sort it, "You have to work for another." He teased knowing he'd happily fall into the other man's arms any time he was ready.

"I doubt that, you're pretty easy," Colt responded, grinning as he compounded enough laundry for the first load. "Thank god I got a washing machine up here, otherwise we would be traipsing to the basement."

"I may be easy, but I'm not cheap." Ted retorted, "And you would be doin' all the traipsing," He grinned.

"You are too cheap, buy you chinese food from a place I have coupons for then get a kiss," Colt retorted, sorting for the second load.

"Yeah, one stinkin' kiss! I guess I'll have to stop being so cheap and easy. Maybe if I play hard to get I'll get a little more," He could play this game all day.

Colt shook his head, standing up he grabbed the first basket and went to dump the close in the washing machine, walking back out he dropped down onto the floor.

"There's another basket in that closet, surprisingly enough, but it's full of whites." Ted cocked his head to the side, his eyes skimming over Colt's body as covertly as they could, "How does one man accumulate so many dirty clothes?"

"I haven't done laundry in about a month," Colt explained, stretching his legs out as he continued sorting the clothing.

"You either have too many clothes or you're wearing your underwear inside out," Ted joked, joining him on the floor to finish out the sorting.

"I buy new underwear almost constantly," Colt responded, "I throw out the old ones."

"Not me," He shook his head laughing, "I love the comfort of a well broken in pair of boxers and FYI they aren't old after being worn once or twice." He laughed heartily and nudged Colt.

Colt shrugged, "I don't like doing laundry."

"It's definitely not my favourite thing on earth either, but I love my comfy boxers."

"Maybe after I get on top of this laundry, besides I don't really like underwear either," Colt shrugged his shoulders.

"Mm, I see," Ted nodded, unable to escape the quicker heart beat at the thought of Colt going commando in the clothes he was touching and sorting.

"I know, hot right?" Colt asked, laughing softly.

"I might be cheap and I might be easy, but at least I'm not a tease," Ted replied, brows raised in a challenge pretending to be unamused.

Colt shrugged his shoulders, going back to sorting his laundry. "I am not a tease," he murmured. "I don't mean to be at least."

"It's cute," Ted stated regretting the use of the word instantly, but it was too late to back out of it. "You know what I mean. I don't want you to stop."

He knew Colt wanted him just as much as he wanted Colt and he could be patient just maybe not as patient as he had been with Punk. He was older now and he didn't want to waste time taking what he wanted especially since he was honoring his partner's wishes to move on and find someone else.

"Okay," Colt shrugged again, sighing softly he couldn't deny he felt drained and exhausted and knew everything was going to catch up with him soon.

"I'm gonna put heavy books on your shoulders to keep you from shrugging," Ted threatened as they finished sorting the laundry and he placed what he could into the two basket taking them in and sitting them on the washer and dryer.

"Why? It's the perfect gesture," Colt leaned back against the couch smiling up at him. It had bothered Punk too, especially when Colt began doing it just because it annoyed his best friend to not get a verbal answer.

Ted sat back down on the couch, folding a leg up beneath him unable to resist the urge to run his fingers through Colt's hair, "I guess this means you'll be doing it even more now that you know it annoys me," He snickered. "It's far from the perfect gesture. It's what teenagers do to answer every question that comes at them."

"Yeah well, it's not like I ever grew up anyway," Colt replied, sticking his tongue out at Ted he grinned.

Ted nodded and laughed, "That is definitely true." His fingers still played in the curls of Colt's hair and he grew quiet as he imagined the things that could be done to him with that tongue. It was a tad bit disconcerting, but he couldn't help his attraction or how deep it was so he sighed casually and rested back into the softness of the couch.

Colt stood up slowly, yawning he went to grab a bottle of water from the fridge, downing half of it quite easily he returned to the couch and dropped down onto it.

"Where's mine?" Ted asked, his hands out and a smile on his face.

Colt offered Ted his, raising an eyebrow he smiled somewhat. "Here, or you can get your own."

Ted grabbed the bottle, his fingers grazing Colt's slowly, opened it up and took a big drink.

"Thank you," He handed it back over.

"You're welcome," Colt finished the water, smiling at him briefly.

Colt had the most adorable smile, next to Punk's that was. Those dimples, Ted was a sucker for dimples.

"You look tired," He stated with some concern, "Men who have slept as long as we did shouldn't look so tired." Ted knew that he too had to look a bit worn and weary.

Colt shrugged his shoulders. "Last night was the first time I've slept right in a very long time."

"Me too," Ted nodded, shifting around to get closer to Colt. "It's been really tough, to rest."

Colt nodded, "Yes it has been. It's been a tough time of it, for sure."

"I try to stay busy with the gym and the foundation but I keep remembering how I promised him I'd move on and I'm not. I'm failing him. I want to move on." Ted stated softly, looking up at Colt and nibbling his bottom lip.

"He didn't give you a time limit," Colt responded, shaking his head. "That would be ridiculous."

"No, he didn't," Ted agreed, "But I'm ready now."

"I see," Colt said, nodding his head slowly. "Is that why you contacted me? Not wanting to upset me by dating someone other than him?"

"No," Ted shook his head, smiling somewhat nervously, a bit of laughter accompanying the smile. "I-I missed you. I've been thinking a lot about you. You are my friend, after all." He let out a sigh of frustration, "I came to see you because I...well, I just wanted to see you." He threw his hands up and sighed again chickening out on what he really wanted to say.

"I missed you too," Colt responded, shooting him a smile before he turned on the television and stretched out on the couch.

"Really? I couldn't tell by all the ignored phone calls, texts and emails," Ted grumbled, kicking at Colt's foot.

"I just needed time, time I knew you wouldn't just give up easily," Colt replied to him, explaining his reasoning for not answering the attempts to contact him.

"You know me well," He replied. "There's more ya know." He admitted softly trying to decide whether or not to put his hand in Colt's.

Colt raised both eyebrows, "What is it you want me to know?" he asked.

"I don't...I mean I want..." Ted shook his head, laughing nervously, "I need to know if there's any possibility that you would consider me," He blurted it out and looked up into Colt's eyes longingly reaching out to rest his hand over Colt's, his thumb caressing it tenderly.

"You want me?" Colt sounded incredulous. "That is amazing, and shocking." He shook his head, rubbing his eyes. "I cannot give you an answer to that today."

"Why wouldn't I want you?" Ted asked, shaking his head in disbelief as a smile played on his lips. "It's a lot to swallow, I know and I don't need an answer today." He told Colt softly, slipping his palm beneath Colt's and lacing their fingers together as he sighed softly, "I'm attracted to you," He shrugged, "And now you know and the ball is in your court."

Ted nestled himself back into the couch and closer to Colt, pulling his hand free, but leaving it laying close to Colt's and on top of his knee just to have the touch as a link between them.

Colt nodded his head, looking amazed. "Are you really attracted to me?" he asked, not feeling insecure, but hardly able to believe Ted would be.

"Yes," Ted nodded, laughing a little and feeling a tad insulted but unsure why, "You're an attractive man, great smile, awesome dimples, nice body,
good sense of humor...what's not to be attracted to? Why? Aren't you attracted to me?" Ted asked gesturing to himself now.

Colt laughed softly, shaking his head. "No, not at all," he said sarcastically grinning. "I don't want you to want me just because I was close to him."

"Scott, I want you because I feel a deep connection with you and Punk obviously has a little somethin' to do with that because I didn't know you before I knew him, but I want you," He poked Colt's chest firmly, leaving his finger there, "for who you are," He flattened his hand out on Colt's chest, caressing it as he looked at Colt with thoughtful, caring eyes.

Colt nodded, "You're one of the few people who still calls me that. Even I think of myself as Colt at this point," he mused out loud.

"I'll call you whatever you want me to call you," Ted smiled and rested his head on Colt's shoulder.

"I don't care if you call me Scott, it is my name after all. Did you know it was Phil who came up with the name Colt Cabana?" Colt questioned, resisting the urge to touch Ted as he tried to figure out what exactly he was feeling.

"No," He shook his head, "I did not know that but it doesn't surprise me."

"It shouldn't, he was always weird, I mean he went around for years telling people that CM stood for Cookie Monster," Colt laughed softly, shaking his head at the memory of his best friend.

"You mean it didn't?" Ted laughed as he raised his head, his eyes locking on Colt's momentarily

"Nope," Colt shook his head, smiling. "Chicago Made, he was so proud of where we came from."

"I could barely pry the man away from here, believe me, I know. He used his health as an excuse, but I know he just loved it here. I couldn't leave here now if the city was falling down around me." Ted smiled.

"Me either," Colt responded, tilting his head back and thinking about when he started out in wrestling. "Do you know he was disappointed?"

"How do you mean?" Ted asked, cocking his head to the side and looking at Colt once again. Ted knew Colt was disappointed that he wasn't able to wrestle. That question was loaded five ways to Sunday and very hard to answer because he knew Punk was also disappointed that he couldn't provide for Ted sexually the way he wished he could.

"Before he met you, he thought you were a phenomenal wrestler, and an even better heel. He was disappointed when you retired so early," Colt informed him.

Ted had never known that and his eyes welled up with tears as he heard the words unsure of why it was hitting him this way. He should have known, he wished Punk would have told him.

"It wasn't what I..." He swallowed hard and quickly swiped at his eyes, "It wasn't what I wanted."

"He knew that, we talked about it," Colt responded, shrugging his shoulders. "Punk loved it so much, I don't think he understood why someone wouldn't."

Ted nodded, trying to hold back the wave of emotion threatening to flow out of him. He needed to be comforted and he just didn't know if Colt was ready to give him the comfort he needed, not sexually, but physically and emotionally.

Colt squeezed Ted's shoulder gently unsure of what to do. "I'm sorry, that was pretty stupid of me."

Ted rested his head against Colt's neck slowly as several random tears moved down his cheeks, "No, it's fine. Really," He sniffled, "I'm not really surprised and you're right he loved it so much it's not surprising that he couldn't understand why I didn't."

Colt nodded, "I think now, I wrestle more for him, and his memory than myself."

"As long as you are doing it safely and responsibly. He wouldn't want you to become hurt, as he was." Ted fell silent for a moment and sighed softly, his breath falling across Colt's neck.

"You do know he was very, very proud of you, right?" He asked softly unwilling to leave the comfort and warmth of Colt's body.

"Not really," Colt responded, getting used to this. "We never really talked about it."

"Yeah, not surprising," He chuckled, "The man wasn't exactly open with all his feelings, but he was extremely proud of you and your career. He said you always stood for what you believed in and never let the politics of it all swallow you up."

Colt laughed softly, "Which is why I don't technically have a career in the eyes of some."

"You're still doing what you love the way you want to do it. Most could only hope for that," Ted responded looking up into Colt's eyes but still staying cemented to his body.

"I guess so," Colt replied brushing his hair out of his eyes.

Ted's hand chased after Colt's loving the soft feel of Colt's hair in his hand.

Colt closed his eyes momentarily, "I've got another match tomorrow night."

"Mind if I come and watch?" Ted asked sweeping his fingers through Colt's hair once again because he could see the other man was enjoying his touch.

"Sure, but I won't be able to hang out after, it's a late match," Colt replied, shifting to get a little more comfortable on the couch.

Ted nodded, "So are you saying you won't come home with me after?"

"Probably not," Colt responded, but his eyebrows raised.

"What if I follow you home?" He asked teasingly, "Would you let me in?"

"I don't know, depending on what mood I'm in," Colt replied smartly.

"Stop being so damn cute!" Ted cursed softly. Colt was making it very hard for Ted not to kiss him.

"I'll try not to," Colt responded, sounding confused. He wasn't aware he had been being cute.

"You really don't get it, do you?" Ted asked shaking his head and laughing softly as he leaned closer to Colt's lips, his eyes dropping down to them as he contemplated the move he was about to make. He was all but in the man's arms. Why on earth shouldn't he take what he wanted?

Colt shook his head, "I'm guessing not."

"I want to kiss you really bad right now," He murmured, chewing the inside of his cheek nervously.

Colt looked surprised, but leaned forward, pressing his lips gently against Ted's he closed his eyes.

Ted returned the kiss and ran his hand up along Colt's neck and into his hair with a soft moan.

Colt deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue into Ted's mouth he shifted slightly so he was facing him, his fingers tangling in Ted's hair as well.

Ted battled back against Colt's tongue with another moan enjoying Colt's taste and the texture of his tongue, his whole body reacting in the most wonderful way.

Colt groaned, pulling back he gasped for air even though the kiss hadn't lasted that long it had nevertheless been breathtaking.

"That felt amazing," Ted stated softly, gasping somewhat and still running his fingers through Colt's curls as he rested his head against Colt's.

Colt nodded, "Definitely was not so bad."

"Oh, well I am so glad you approved," Ted teased.

Colt nodded, "I know. I rock."

Ted just laughed and shook his head, "Shameless, you're just shameless."

Colt grinned pecking him gently on the lips, "I know I am. But that's the way you like me right?"

Ted nodded, "Yes it is," He smiled and ran his fingertips carefully down the back of Colt's neck.

Colt laughed softly, squirming away from his touch. "Don't do that," he told him.

"Why? Are you ticklish?" Ted asked, fighting to duplicate the touch, a bright smile on his face at the thought of Colt being ticklish.

"Yes I am," Colt nodded, grinning. It was nice to see Ted smiling like that again, and he felt somewhat proud he was able to.

"Oh, you never should have told me that," Ted shook his head and moved around so he was straddling Colt and began to test where else the other man might be ticklish. "How about here?" He asked, probing the other man's ribs as he kissed his neck and laughed.

Colt shook his head, "Be careful there, I'm bruised you know." He nibbled on his bottom lip, shivering when Ted kissed his neck.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Ted murmured on Colt's neck, intoxicated by his scent. He moved back and leaned over lifting Colt's t-shirt and pressing a soft kiss to his ribs with is eyes closed almost as if he was in worship of Colt's body. He didn't stop there, his lips moves slowly across, up and down Colt's ribcage layering it with gentle kisses of the healing nature.

Colt shivered, closing his eyes he ran his fingers through Ted's hair gently and sighed. "You shouldn't do that."

"Why not?" Ted asked looking up at Colt innocently as he pressed another kiss just below his pert nipple, "I'm rather enjoying myself." He closed his eyes and kissed him again with a soft moan.

"Because I am not ready for this," Colt responded hoarsely. "I'm not ready to do this sort of thing with you."

Ted nodded his understanding and withdrew slowly from the kisses, pecking Colt's lips gently and smiling. He nestled back into Colt's neck and turned his attention onto the television though he barely cared what was on. All he wanted was to be with Colt, feel the warmth of his body soothing him. That was good enough for now.

Date: 2011-06-06 01:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dirtyretro-xo.livejournal.com
I realise that I probably could have commented before now to let you both know what's going on here xD

But three times I have read this chapter. And three times I have written in depth reviews about which lines in particular I love. And three times livejournal has screwed me over and frozen while posting my comment.

It made me so angry that I raged quitted on it and I've only just gotten over the urgent desire to smash something. Lol.

So, I just wanted to write a short comment to say that I absolutely loved this chapter. The emotions are beautiful and I love the way you both write.

You are incredible.

Date: 2011-09-21 01:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] burgandybaby.livejournal.com
Hey guys,
Wow... I read Accomplishment in two sittings, months apart in fact, bc it was so affecting. I read the last ten chapters this evening, and as much as it saddened me, I was so caught up in it! I never wd have thought of Ted & Punk, but you made it so natural, that it made perfect sense. And now *sigh*, all of this with Colt. Well, I hope that you continue it, bc I'm certainly eager for more, and I bet other readers are, too. Awesome, awesome job, ladies!
PS: I requested to join the comm and I wd like to add y'all individually if that wd be ok. It wd be cool for y'all to add me too-- Def want to keep up w/ your writing!


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