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Title: A Life Less Ordinary
Characters/Pairing: Lita/Randy (beginning), Lita/?, Chris Daniels, Linda
Genre: AU
Rating: PG-13
Complete: No.
Summary: Amy is worried about money and her next meal, but Linda has a solution which might help everyone.
Notes: Yay for writing.
Warnings: Contains teenage pregnancy.

Previous Chapters

Chapter Seven

Amy sat on the couch in her living room if it could even be called that, chin resting on her hand as she looked over the bills. They were piling up a bit quicker than she would like and the feeling of it was almost stifling. She knew she could ask her parents for help, but the way they had dealt with her pregnancy hadn’t exactly endeared her to them.

A knock came on the door and Amy rose to her feet slowly, smiling when she opened it to find Trish, the local chef and her new best friend standing there.

“Hey,” Trish grinned, giving her a hug. “You don’t look happy.”

Amy returned the hug lightly; pulling back she shrugged her shoulders. “You know how life is.”

“Oh, I know,” Trish nodded, her smiling slipping just a bit as she saw the bills piled up on the coffee table. “Hey…are you alright?” she asked, her tone of voice soft.

Walking over Amy cleaned up the bills, shoving them in the largest envelope there and dropped it back on the table. “Yeah I’ll be fine, just the typical single mother sob story.”

“There’s nothing typical about you,” Trish said as she sat down next to Amy on the small couch.

Amy laughed softly, shaking her head. “Thank you,” she told her friend, although stress still ate away at her.

“You’re welcome,” Trish responded with ease. “Is there anything I can do to help you out?” she asked after a moment’s hesitation.

“Not that I would accept, no,” Amy told her with a small smile on her lips.

“So stubborn,” Trish teased her. “Seriously though, if you get in over your head please tell me.”

Amy studied her for a moment, surprised at herself and her cynical attitude. Since when did she have a hard time taking people for face value?

“I will,” she smiled just a bit more, her spine straightening. Trish wasn’t like her parents, no one in this little town was, they didn’t believe in doing something just to get something in return.

“Good, now Linda wanted to talk to you about something. I’ll take Lia to the park while you two are at it,” Trish hugged her with one arm before getting up and heading for the door.

Bewildered Amy got up and followed her out of the former potting shed, locking up as she did so. “Do you know what about?”

Trish smiled like she knew and didn’t want to say. “Nope,” she insisted, shaking her head.

“Oh that’s believable,” Amy couldn’t help but snort, shaking her head in amusement. “You could just say you can’t tell me,” she told her friend.

“Fine then I am not gonna tell you,” Trish responded quite easily, grinning when all Amy did was laugh.

The two of them entered the hotel a few minutes later and were just approaching Linda’s office when the manager and Lia walked out.

“Mommy,” Lia ran for her mom and hugged her legs, smiling brightly as her hair slipped into her eyes.

“Hi baby, are you having fun?” Amy asked her, smiling when she nodded.

“Linda said Auntie Tish is taking me for ice cream,” Lia told her, bobbing her head with enthusiasm.

“Did she?” Amy laughed, “Well I guess I can’t say no to that can I? Did you eat all your lunch?”

Lia nodded again and widened her smile and her eyes.

“You little sneak, very well, go with Auntie Trish,” Amy told her, picking her up for a hug and kiss before releasing her to Trish.

Amy watched her daughter walk off with Trish, nothing but loving affection present on her face as she did so before she seemed to realize she was standing with her boss and turned toward Linda with a carefully polite smile, trying to hide her fear.

Linda to her credit managed not to laugh too much, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. “No need to look like you’re going to meet your maker any moment or something like that, I am not going to fire you,” she told Amy as they walked into her office and sat.

Breathing a sigh of relief Amy smiled, “thanks for clearing that up for me. I really am working hard.”

“I had a different plan for you actually,” Linda told her, gesturing for her to relax.

“You did?” Amy asked slowly, arching an eyebrow.

“Yes, I don't know if you heard but Rosemary's husband is quite ill,” Linda told her.

Amy wracked her brain for a moment, knowing Rosemary, she worked the desk in the mornings and was quite nice, management if she recalled. “I hadn't, I'm sorry to hear it though, that must be awful for her.”

Linda nodded her head, “because of this she's decided to retire, and I've decided that you should fill her spot.”

“Me?” Amy squawked, surprised. “I've never done desk work,” she protested, “I could end up being horrible at it.”

“With that voice of yours and the way I've seen you interact with hotel desk I find that highly unlikely, I know it was you that calmed down Mr. Sheridan last week when one of the other maids didn't change his sheets,” Linda told her. “You're good with people, and having you cleaning their rooms instead of interacting with them on a daily basis where you can make more money and have more security for you and that little girl of yours is ridiculous. You'll do this, you start the management program next month and classes will be provided with reimbursement for anything you need.”

Amy remained seated, absolutely stunned and if she was honest a little terrified, if only because the tone of Linda's voice was one she had never heard before and one she most certainly wasn't going to argue with.

“Any questions?” Linda asked and Amy had the feeling she wasn't meant to ask any.

“I...no,” Amy responded, smiling at her. “Thank you.” She got up and made her way to the door, turning when the older woman called her name.

“I think you'll do well at this, don't be afraid to take chances, no one here is going to let you fall,” Linda told her in an affectionate voice.

Surprised to find tears in her own eyes Amy nodded her head, “thank you. Thank you so much,” she left the office and bumped into Trish almost immediately.

Trish studied her for a moment and then hugged her tightly, practically throwing her arms around her friend. “I knew you would accept.”

“I didn't really have a choice,” Amy said in a dazed voice, laughing softly.

“Guess those bills aren't such a worry now are they?” Trish asked laughing as well. “It's going to be great.”

“Yeah great,” Amy decided, a weight seeming to suddenly lift off her shoulders as she realized she was going to be making more money. Maybe one day her and her daughter wouldn't have to live in a potting shed.

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