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Title: Lucky
Pairing: Punk/Lita
Rating: PG
Complete: Yes
Genre: Angst
Prompt: 20. You're Lucky I'm here.//Table
Summary: Her friend betrayed her, and almost cost her something wonderful.
Warnings: Talk of cheating.

Lita remained where she was, sitting on the couch, staring forward at the ground as he entered the living room. She could feel his disappointment from here, and couldn’t bare to even look at him.

“You’re lucky I’m even here,” Punk told her, and when she did finally look at him a gasp almost feel from her lips. He looked exhausted, more-so than ever, and she’d never seen him so sad.

“It didn’t mean anything,” Lita responded, her voice a bit rough. “I didn’t ask...”

“You didn’t ask him to kiss you, but he still kissed you,” Punk replied softly, shaking his head. “I want to know that you love me.”

Lita stood up and walked to him, gripping one of his hands she held it tight. “I love you, I do.”

“You won’t see him again?” Punk asked her, frowning as he looked into her eyes.

“I won’t,” Lita affirmed. “How can I? He betrayed me.”

Punk nodded his head and finally pulled her close, his arms wrapping around her tightly.

She was lucky he was here.

If it had been him who’d kissed someone else she would’ve left.
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