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Title: Bounty
Pairing/Characters: Lita, Daniels, Jericho, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, AJ Styles
Rating: NC-17
Complete: No.
Genre: Mystery, suspense, horror
Summary:Panic takes over, but strength prevails.

Warnings: Contains graphic depictions of violence, horrific imagery, mentions of murder of a child. Also, horrible language

Previous Chapters

I have never done well when backed into a corner. I'm the fight girl instead of a flight girl, but when you've got a couple of psychos after you, threatening your best friend.

Panic isn't a fun feeling.

I had felt it briefly when being strangled but now? Now it was like the whole world was narrowing in on my.

I couldn't draw in a breath to save my life, which was probably how I ended up held down on a hospital bed as Phil fought and tried to get past the orderlies to help me calm down and my brother swore up a storm.

I didn't manage to calm until the oxygen mask was over my face and a needle slid into my arm.


When I resurfaced again it was to a see of worried faces. For anyone who doesn't know Daniels, the time you need to start worrying is when he worried. Well, and showed it.

I'm sure he worried about a lot of things.

Like how to get blood out of his favourite suit...or something.

“We need to get a move on,” I told them as I tried to sit up, only to be forced back down. A brief frisson of fear shot through me and before I could begin to control myself I had smacked Phil square across the face.

Hissing in pain Phil raised a hand to his cheek and rubbed it, his other arm still in a sling. “You're staying here,” he told me firmly, pressing a hand gently to my shoulder and forcing me to lie down.

“Dick,” I growled, crossing my arms as best I could without tugging the stitches out of my side. “Where's my gun?”

Daniels rolled his eyes, crossing his arms as well he stared me down. “Evidence,” his voice was a bit rough.

We'd been working together for so long that I knew Phil couldn't tell he was worried, but I could. He didn't like this. We were stuck on uneven ground for the moment. Two people down and a third missing, which left a slim team against a slew of contract killers.

Sometimes growing up in this place was a bitch.

“So, where's my new gun?” I asked, arching an eyebrow finely.

Daniels' lips slid into a smirk as he set it on the tray normally used for food. “Right here, you know you're not getting the old one back.”

I nod, checking that it was loaded.

“What did you tell my brother while I was out?” I questioned, taking the safety off and taking a pretend aim. It was worth it to see Phil flinch.

You shoot someone in the foot one time...

“We told him what happened when we got to your apartment,” Phil explained, slumping down into the chair next to my bed he rested his feet on the edge.

Sometimes manners were forgotten.

Especially by people who spent most of their days in cars on stakeouts...taking care of certain needs in interesting ways.

There wasn't really many secrets when you'd seen someone piss in a cup.

Actually it was amazing I was still attracted to him after that...and probably even more amazing he was still attracted to me.

“You didn't tell him about the Donovans and Maria?” I tilted my head to the side, glaring at him slightly as I did so.

Say what you would, but since Phil was my back up partner when Daniels was not around I'd gotten to know him pretty well too. He could be a piss poor liar.

“No, honestly didn't think of it,” Phil replied drolly, looking up at the ceiling.

Well that wasn't entirely unusual.

“What's the word on Jeff?” was my next question although I was pretty sure it was a little more like a demand at this point.

“No word yet, we think he's still alive,” Daniels was the one who answered me as he crossed to the window and took a look out.

I felt choked suddenly and waved Phil away as he made a move like he was going to stand up, and God forbid, press the call button.

The last thing I wanted to deal with was medical types. They seemed to assume everyone was a fucking wimp.

“Hair isn't proof of life,” I had a moment of pride for the lack of shaking in my voice.

“No it's not, but there wasn't enough blood in the area the rest of his hair was found,” Daniels craned his neck to look at me, brows furrowed.

“Where was...”

“It was found in your bathroom, they shaved his head...entirely,” Phil sighed, running his hand through his own hair.
“I need to get out of here,” I said suddenly, needing nothing more than to search, to learn and investigate what the fuck was going on. I needed to be able to save Jeff, especially since he'd always depended on me to teach him things.

I was beginning to regret bringing him into this entire world, to bringing Phil in. I couldn't help but wonder if Daniels had ever regretted bringing me in.

If i hadn't been an agent with them though I probably would've just ended up being one of Hartley's Finest, or so they liked to call themselves.

My brother had always looked better in blue than I had anyway.

“Where are you gonna go?” Daniels demanded, pinning me in place with a glare. “If they attack you now do you think you can win? You're a fucking mess girl, and some new make up and a shower aren't just going to fix it and make it go away.”

I knew better than to rise to the bait, knew that he was just as frustrated as the rest of us. It had something to do with his military background, the thought of leaving a man behind was not something he took all that well.

“Fuck you, do you think I'm trying to make this better? They shaved his head and sent me his goddamn hair, they've got eight people after me who I am sure would like nothing more than to see me lying on the floor choking on my own bed. But I also know, just like you taught me that hospitals are too easy to break into,hospital workers are too easy to imitate and there are more ways to kill someone in this building alone than there is in a normal environment due to sharp implements and drugs alone,” I spat back at him, huffing in anger.

Daniels smirked a little bit, and inclined his head in a nod. “Very well, I'll tell Styles you want to get out of here, see what he says. Who will you be staying with?”

“She'll be staying with me,” Phil replied, his voice strong.

I turned to look at him, arching an eyebrow.

It seemed like life was about to get a whole lot more interesting.

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